Up until this point, none of the villains in the Avatar world have actually scared me…

• Ozai wasn’t shown often enough, and when he was all I could see was “hot dad”.

• Azula was a conflicted character that I happened to pity and somewhat relate to.

• Zhao was an idiot. A complete idiot.

• Amon was ….. hot.

• Unalaq was a piece of shit.

• Vaatu was… a kite?

• Varrick is hilarious.

But Zaheer?

Zaheer legitimately terrifies me.




every time my parents tell me something that I should’ve done that is not helpful to the conversation I’m going to reply with some historical event that shouldn’t have happened like

"You should’ve gotten up earlier"

"Hitler shouldn’t invaded Czechoslovakia"

"You should’ve gotten higher grades then"

"Abraham Lincoln should’ve hired a better bodyguard then"

I witnessed this live, I feel special