What happened here was they had just started the marketing and advertising campaign for season 3, just like they did with season 2, by running Ads and Teasers during the rebroadcast of Season 2. Then some retards from Nick Mundo in Mexico released eps 3-6 of season 3 when they were supposed to be re-broadcasting season 2. Nick panicked and started airing season 3 way too early with no ads and no marketing. They literally just came out and said basically, yeah, we’ll be airing season 3 this Friday. They fuckin announced a premier 5 fuckin days before it came out. That’s a NEVER happen scenario. This whole season broadcast was like a business model version of Armageddon. Fuckin airing a series like this in the Summer, when most of the demographic is on Summer break and roaming the streets was suicide, while even trying to double all the eps to finish it by August 8th. Instead of Premiering it in the Fall or at the worse Winter or Spring. Summer in the US is known as re-run hell. This season 3 wasn’t supposed to start until after the premier date was given at the San Diego Comic Con, to premier either in the Fall or Winter when kiddies are in school and much less likely to be roaming the streets, but all their plans got fucked by the early release of 1/4 of Season 3 eps. Their ratings were only good for eps 1 and 2, after that it was all down hill since eps 3-6 had been out for months. Now they’re trying to figure out how to save this season, cuz they’ve already bought season 4 too.
CM from anilinkz, explaining what happened with Legend of Korra (via nuktuk)